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Iron Flow Energy Storage

intelligent storage

Over 20.000 Cycles

Can keep our iron chemistry stable for an unlimited number of deep-cycle charge and discharge cycles with zero degradation

4 to 10+ hours of Energy storage

The Energy Warehouse (EW) is housed in a standard shipping container. Power ranges can be configured between 33 kW and 100 kW with storage durations between 4 and 12 hours

100% Recyclable Sustainable Energy

The system’s environmentally benign characteristics, containing no hazardous chemicals or rare-earth metal, make it the easiest-to-permit storage technology in the world.

25+ years Operating Life

Designed for 25-year operating life with minimal annual operations & maintenance (O&M) requirements

About Iron Flow Technology

Cleaner, Longer-Duration Storage Changes Everything

Sustainable, scalable and easily transportable energy storage is here. Using food-grade, earth-abundant elements like iron, salt, and water for the electrolyte, our innovative iron flow battery system is changing how the industry deploys energy storage. Now, companies can choose a long-duration battery solution that is not only a viable alternative to lithium-ion batteries – but also comes at a lower cost. Healthy bottom line, healthy environment. That’s what ESS is all about.

Our Technology: We’ve Cracked the Code for Clean, Resilient, Low-Cost Storage

Our long-duration batteries utilize a non-toxic, non-hazardous, and completely recyclable iron-based electrolyte that provides over 20,000 cycles of power with little or no maintenance. A flow battery offers significantly more storage capacity than shorter-duration solutions, so users have the flexibility to shift both their energy flow and rate of storage as needed for more efficient energy management. Welcome to the future of energy storage.

How It Works: A Simple Transfer of Electrons Changed Everything

Battery Flow Cycle graphic

Redox, a contraction of reduction (a gain of electrons) and oxidation (a loss of electrons), is a reaction in which electrons are transferred between chemical species. Using the same electrolyte on both the negative and positive sides eliminates cross-contamination Unlike typical batteries packaged as fixed cells or modules, a flow battery has significantly more energy storage capacity, which gives the user the flexibility to control both the flow and amount of electricity stored.

Zero Degradation Over 20,000 Cycles: Welcome to the Future of Energy Storage

We can keep our iron chemistry stable for an unlimited number of deep-cycle charge and discharge cycles with zero degradation. Our patented electrode design and control system, coupled with our simple, yet elegant electrochemistry allows you to operate longer, and at higher efficiency levels.


No other technology can match the advantages of ESS Inc.’s Energy Warehouse™ (EW). The EW™ leads competitive technologies in levelized cost of storage (LCOS) and deep charge and discharge cycles. With assets including our environmentally friendly electrolyte, 20-plus year system life, turnkey installation, and fast electrical response time, users see an improvement in their LCOS and a myriad of other benefits over traditional lithium-ion batteries. Why use lithium-ion batteries in long-duration storage applications, when our technology can do the job, and do it at a lower cost with less environmental impact?

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